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I Want a Social Media Funeral


I went to a wedding overseas recently (details deliberately concealed). Everything was great. The bride was awesome. The groom is a great friend of mine. The wedding was dope. All the pictures looked great.

There were the right number of people. Everyone wore the right clothes and said the right things. My friend, the groom, was an awesome guy who was a great friend to me and had tons of other friends. Very successful and social.

It wasn’t till the reception that I noticed anything amiss. As I went around the crowd, as I am wont to do, we did the usual chitter chatter. Asking how everyone met, where and so on.

The first person I met worked with the groom. For 6 months. The next knew him from a business networking group. For 8 months. And on it went.

Everyone in attendance had only known him for a short period of time. And this is a guy who is a poster child for having friends and being social. But we were in a big city in Asia and his friends were mostly expats. And expats move. I was his longest friend at 15 years. By far.

And ‘by far’ means about 15 times as long.

So even though he had a million zillion great friends in the world at large, his wedding was packed with people who had only recently had the pleasure of knowing him. Through no fault of his own, his wedding was packed with people he didn’t know that well.

He isn’t the kind of guy that people make up excuses not to come. He had a million friends who would have wanted to attend but simply weren’t in the country. Or even that region of the world.

And it made me sad.

Sad as I thought of all the great folk I’ve known living in Asia since the 80’s: Who just don’t happen to live where I live now. And all the fantastic memories we shared. Girls I knew. Guys I hung out with. Friends who did seriously crazy stuff with me and lived to tell the story. (not exaggerated lol)

I determined not to follow in my good friends footsteps.

I want a social media wedding (If I do decide to make the perilous choice) and I definitely want a social media funeral. (If Elon Musk doesn’t invent a time machine)

I want a big screen with people calling in. Telling stories. Livestreaming, Laughing. Tweeting. Putting embarrassing videos and pictures online.

Showing all my hypocrisy and pride. The good and the bad. Everything. If the real stories are told, it will be fun.

If anyone wants to work on a Social Media Funeral startup idea to bring this idea to life, let me know. (I just checked and I’m not the first one to think of this. But am still interested in discussing with friends)

Which business leader you admire most?


Which business leader you admire most? For me it’s:

1. SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son
2. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella
3. Tesla Motors, SpaceX, Hyperloop Elon Musk
4. Amazon Blue Origin Jeff Bezos
5. Tencent Pony Ma

Son is the real Warren Buffet but global. Able to add value in both first and third world and profit (Alibaba) from China and next India. (who else does that? lol)

Nadella is a Transformer Extraordinaire. Turning around a massive giant like former business hero Jack Welch and GE but without the accolades (why is that you need to ask yourself?

Musk is like the Jesus of Business and will sacrifice his legacy for what he believes in (replacing dirty fuels with clean replacements and fighting legacy investment in drilling, refining, filling stations, auto engineering, the entire Middle East, American, Chinese and European oil industry and the laws of physics-lethargy of change ‘an object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. The outside force is him and whoever he can co-opt)

Jeff Bezos is a strategic leader who is so capable that he, almost singlehandedly, is keeping the US ahead of China. His vision and leadership established the US as the leader in ecommerce..but just barely. Tencent and Alibaba are right behind and whoever wins, wins very big indeed.  In fact, without the incredible innovation that Tencent and Alibaba bring, US corporations would be nowhere as competitive as they are. So much thanks to all in this important race

Pony Ma is the new Zuckerberg. A master at giving people what they want. Wise beyond his years and focused on the best user experience possible and avoiding the very enticing traps of ad revenue. A man with a real vision that will make this one of the top 3 corporations in the world in short time.

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