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New Year’s Resolution 2017: How to Get in Shape Fast!

Is your New Years resolution to get in shape? But you don't want to the gym everyday? What if you could go to the gym once a week and get in great shape even after 50 years old? I'll be 52 this month and have a slew of bad habits including:
 1. Going out late at night
 2. Drinking too many calorie laden drinks before bed
 3. Traveling a lot so I don't always have a regular gym or even a membership at any gym
 4. Being imperfect in general. lol
And I only go to the gym once a week. That's it. Nothing else. If you would like to get in shape, try my workout. You don't need any special expensive food. Special machines. It's simple and effective.

You will be sore. It will be hard. But if you want it, it's here. And won't take hardly any time out of your schedule. Enter your name and email to get started! Let's make 2017 the year you finally figure out the body part of your life!

Overcoming Self Doubt & Inner Demons Through Strength Training


When you start working out heavy, your mind will tell you all kind of crazy stuff: That you aren’t good enough: That it won’t work for you: That it’s easier for everyone else: That you need to cheat and take steroids.

These demons need to be overcome as they arise in order to keep your motivation high and achieve the type of strength, muscle growth and youth that you want. In this video I talk about how the people I train and how I have dealt with these very personal demons that threaten to undo the progress we’re making in building the body and youth we want.

The good thing is that you are not alone. We all, and I do mean all of us, have doubts that stop us from succeeding. For myself, whenever I am injured or break a leg snowboarding, I often go into self pity and my demons arise. They tell me ‘I’m too old’ ‘my best days are behind me’ ‘it’s not worth the effort because I’m having no progress’ and so on.

Of course, these statements are not true but late at night when I’m feeling bloated after a big meal or one too many they go though my head. Other times, it’s while I am actually lifting weights and it stops me from going to max. ‘you don’t feel good today’ ‘you might get injured’ ‘I’ll go light today and heavy next week’ and so on.

As the years have passed these thoughts arise less often and without the intensity they used to but they still come. In this video, I go over many types of demons and inner doubt and how I and my students dealt with it. And how to overcome the things that hold you back from success


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