September 11th Redux: We will fly a fully loaded 767 into a steel and concrete building at 500 MPH


We are crowdfunding one of the most radical events ever attempted. A faithful recreation of September 11th. We will purchase an old 747 with working black box and fly it at 500 MPH into a building with the closest structure we can find to WTC in the remotest location we can find. Autopilot so no one gets hurt. If interested in helping, donating or raising money email me [email protected] Thank you! We’ll make an awesome documentary and you’ll definitely want to see that. lol Thanks for watching and forwarding! Any comments and reposts very very appreciated!

We are a crowdfunded project so we need your donations. However, crowdfunding sites and banks won’t assist with this project so we can only accept donations via BitCoin.

BitCoin donations can be sent to the following bitcoin address: 1A7jmFDommTPchRvNgt3UacPSG8diwrs3q

or alternatively, scan our bitcoin QR code:

Our bitcoin address. Donate here
Our bitcoin address. Donate here

If you prefer a private donation or are interested in investing in documentary film rights, please contact me directly via [email protected]



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