What benefits will I get from the China Cash Buyers online course?


What separates brokers who went through the course and haven’t been through the course? What benefits in real life can you expect?

If you are new to selling real estate to Chinese, and you have never sold to Chinese before, you will:

  • Get leads and be more visible. you will rank higher on Baidu, Google. Your site will be more visible for searches in your area.
  • Have a list of potential buyers on your Chinese social media.
  • Be interacting on a daily basis with potential Chinese buyers
  • Have a Chinese business card with a WeChat QR code on the back
  • Have the ability to go to China and present to real potential investors if you want to
  • Have a Chinese specific story: a one pager that you can hand out, post online, in social media that is attractive to Chinese. It will contain a story, about yourself, your history, your area, your city, your country
  • Have a new set of tools, options, strategies
  • You’ll have a team ready to help. A Chinese lawyer, accountant, immigration consultant that you can rely on to help your clients

What you will lose:

  • Fear: you will see a group of Chinese and know what to say. How to present yourself. So you will lose the fear of approaching.
  • The feeling of being stuck, the confusion of not knowing where to start: you will have a set of tools and you will know when to use them. Literally your mind will be swimming in ideas waiting for an opportunity to use.

You will avoid:

  • Scammers and time wasting middlemen
  • Throwing time and money down black holes of advertising
  • Running around like a chicken with your head cut off

If you are Chinese or currently successful selling to Chinese:

You will be able to reach outside your friends and family to new buyers
you will expand your network

Be able to say “NO!” to unreasonable demands on your time and energy

Will be able to say “NO!” to clients who expect you to take them to Las Vegas and to expensive lunches

Will be able to cut lose clients who threaten you by bringing other agents around, reminding you that there are others to take your place.


A Chinese selling through their network is like a newcomer to Amway. You sell to people you know but won’t know where to start after that. If you are stuck selling to clients you don’t like or who demand unreasonable things, you will learn how to get new, better clients

Of course, how much you sell depends on you. How hard you work. How much grit you have. How successful you are in life in general. How much you have inside you.

What you need to start: You need to be a professional: To know your business. You need either grit or passion. Either is fine. And finally you need willingness or open-mindedness to learn.

Why shouldn’t you join the course? If you are not openminded. If you just want to send your listings blindly to agents and expect them to do the work for you. You shouldn’t join the course. If you are selling overpriced, ripoff properties. If you don’t like to help people you’ll never make it. Chinese need explanations, information, help with children, advice. If you are not willing to give it, you shouldn’t help Chinese buyers and I don’t want to help you either. I’m looking for serious, professional, agents who want to build a real clientele of Chinese buyers


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