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US GovernmentImagine beneath life on earth a labyrinth of dripping, smoking from fires here and there, rusty pipes, massive diesel engines chug along billowing smoke. As you glide along the size of an electron, capable to going through walls, you see the utter illogical nature of this massive beast. . Logistics are absolute rubbish. Stairwells blocks. Locks with keys long lost. Parasites who figured out a loophole living in stairwells. like some future more. It’s so massive that it reaches to every house, every company and indeed every individual on the surface of the earth.

You’re amazed to see that this crazy system, created over centuries, a hodgepodge of technology and values from long ago. Many are so old that no one alive knows what it was used in the first place. But it’s duct taped to another pipe, another generators another room.

There are numerous, old plastic statues in each room. Something like you would see in front of KFC or McDonalds. These are icons of the system. And you see some being moved in or out of the rooms. They are usually stored to be ready to be reused again. But out for the time being. But this confuses you so you let it. Go. Later you will understand their purpose.

Suddenly you are gifted with the ability to see money move. Your eyes can track billions of transactions a second like light beams. And you realize that the people on the planet are paying somewhere in the range of 50% of all their income to this incredibly outdated, insanely complex monstrosity.

Your tax dollarsIt takes somewhere in the range of 50%+ of every dollar we earn. Like the movie The Matrix, it’s all around us but we hardly realize it. Imagine a dark basement below all we know. Below the sunny streets is a huge industrial system with rusting pipes, dripping water, leaks, corruption, violence. A massive array of pipes, duct taped hoses, wires dangling. And it reaches to every business in the country. And every house. To each and every individual person living. It’s hopelessly out of date. Utterly beyond repair. So complex that there is no one person who can explain it. No one who truly understands how pressure in one area affects another.

If enough water accumulates in one area, they can use it for this war or that. But it’s really just random. No one really understands it. But we all pay between 50-60% of all our money into this insane, decrepit system.

Meanwhile up on the surface of the earth. things are moving rapidly. Old industries are being dismantled as they lose relevancy. Gasoline cars being replaced by electric, mail long ago replaced by email, phone replaced by Skype. Too many changes to list. Human creativity is eating away at and collapsing industries that no longer serve us.

And you can’t blame the people running the system. It’s something they inherited from generations before them. They can only think about how they can benefit now. How they can use this rickety system to their advantage. They might understand one small part and succeed in manipulating it to their areas advantages. But that it’ People at the top can talk about “Hope and Change” but anyone who has every had a glimpse of this knows better.

It’s our government folks: Our tax system, police, immigration, fire and emergency services.

Would you have trusted the post office to invent the internet and replace it? Would you entrust an oil company to make electric cars? Would you trust a trading company to cut himself out in a Costco warehouse model? How about trusting an analog camera company to reimagine itself and create the technology that decimates the value of its patents and renders its’ own staff useless? No you would not.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

Government needs to change. And I don’t mean change like we knew till now. I mean reimagined for our technological era. We should know where every dollar of tax goes. In real time. On an app. And there should be a “cumulative” feature. Something like a cell phone shows you were your juice is going. So you can manage background apps eating up your battery life. Every single tax should be there. And, another click away, should be where it goes.

Of course, it’ll be complex. It might not be exactly what I envisioned here. But you get the idea. It’s gonna rock. And people will move to the country that does this. And they will invest. And they will create jobs. And the efficiency of this new system will cut out a huge percent of the taxes. And give control to the person paying.

Outdated, prone to human error procedures

One thing that struck me in the presidential debates was how every time a candidate would accuse another of supporting a bill that did XYZ bad thing, they would retort that they supported the bill because of XYZ good thing. So “bills” will have to go. The way bills are written is exactly the way Comcast or fucks you on a monthly package. It’s so complex. Should you get the monthly of this or that with this or that included? How much data do I use?

You the consumer are being asked to compete in an ever more competitive and cutthroat marketplace. There is not question that robots will take many jobs in the near future. This will affect us all. New models of government will be necessary. The old debates of welfare and laziness will have to go. They used to work but they won’t work in an era of disappearing jobs for hard working, educated folk.

No things are going to speed up folks. Change is coming fast and furious. The country that correctly evaluates modern society, uses its’ be brains to lay it all out. Very smart people from companies like Boston Consulting and the like area necessary. But the country that bites the bullet and rethinks government, lays off it’s own people, eats the extremely bitter pill, reimagines not only all the sources of revenue, costs but the real affect based on big data, not assumptions. will win big time.

I can see a country where young smart people all over the world want to move to. It’s efficient, it’s reliable, it’s integrated, it transparent. They don’t force you to choose a slap dash mix of shit and call it a bill. Each item can be voted upon. Or declined.

We don’t need clowns to “represent us”. Just to vote on stuff we care about

I also see a new era without people as symbols. Like we are voting on now. We hope that Bernie, Hillary, Trump will not change after they get in office. We hope they have enough in common with us to be “good enough” to represent our needs. This is patently ridiculous folks.

Even McDonalds stopped using a real Ronald McDonald because he might molest a kid or have some fatal flaw. They choose a plastic model. And he’s good enough. He can’t mess it up. Which gets me thinking about the Catholic Churches main problem. A human Pope and human priests. Better to have a long dead founder who can’t mess stuff up now. Do you really want to continue being forced to choose one single, fallible human to represent your needs? What if you could vote on the issues separately? So your individual, unique thinking could be incorporated into the system that affect you so much.

Do you trust people to hold your money? Or do you put it in a bank that is insured? I cannot for the life or me understand why I have to keep choosing between this Ronald McDonald or that in politics: Why I have to pick the closest person to me, a living breathing human and then just simply accept the good with the bad.If I’m unhappy, I can choose another Ronald McDonald who encapsulates all my needs, wants desires again. This is a ridiculous systems folks! Remember the pipes underground? There are some guys running around with clown suits on who you voted for.

Try this on for size. You can no longer choose a major in university. You must choose a person, man or woman who will be in charge of what you learn for the next 4 years. They might die, change their minds, be bribed but you need to stick with them. You can’t choose the things you want. You must choose one single person who represents you. Honestly WTF does that even mean anymore!

But that’s not how it should be in my mind. We no longer need to elect a person. We no longer need these old icons of “what we believe in”. We can vote on issues. Not people. People are a mixed bag. A mix you don’t want. You want faster immigration procedures. You want transparent taxes. You want to know how much will go to the defence industry. You damn well sure want to know about hidden taxes in thing like gasoline and ticky tacky crap like parking and speeding tickets that, let’s face it, are mainly revenue sources. Not about safety.

But the dawn of self driving and parking cars will make this more and more evident to you. You will see, through the changes how much you are bending over, sans lube. And how it was sold to you as something else. But past deception and frustration aside, a new ear will lead to very good things for your life. A new freedom.

Trade bill surprises a thing of the past. TPP for example

So we don’t need huge “Trade Bills” full of things that 4 years from now two politicians will debate about how they supported the “good part” of the bill. And the other supported the bad part. With technology, surely we can vote on individual issues. And we probably don’t need, or soon won’t need, some clown to represent us. All we care about are the issues. Not Donald Trumps hair. Or Bernie’s religion. Do you worry about the religious beliefs of Google Maps app?  Or do you just use it to get somewhere? Subsidies are fine to incubate new technologies like the internet, cell phones, electric cars but they can’t be run like this are now. Just a feeding trough for the scumbags who are savvy enough to get in. We need simple, easy to alter or repeal, single issue bills in my opinion. You just vote on the ones you understand and care about.  Gone are the “all you can eat buffet” casserole era of trade bills and laws.

I would support someone like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk to lead the initial project. And when old government tries to step in, we need something to stop them. We need some way to alert the public that this is hindering the project. Another parasite of the old system is trying to thwart change. And to promote those who proactively work on solutions.

It’s a huge project. Maybe the biggest in history. We will need traitors from the IRS who understand much of the current system. Military people who are tired of an inefficient, ridiculous system that effectively just is a revenue source for local governments and companies.

It won’t be easy but it will happen. Might not be in our lifetime but if it is, we are going to win big. It might not even be here. Might be Estonia, might be the US. But this will greatly increase the competitiveness of the country and have immeasurable benefits to it’s citizens. Someone will have the guts to break down our current situation and modernise it for our needs today. And whoever does it will win so big. Not only in a rush of investment, employment but also in citizen happiness and confidence in the future. Confidence that they do live in the smartest country in the world. And their future is brighter because of it. And you can’t put a price on that.

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