How to Learn Fast and Avoid Negative Thoughts


For a couple of reasons I get annoyed by people who say they don’t read news because it infects their mind with mind memes. One, because they are usually lying. The do read news but try not to. So they are fighting a secret battle they would rather not disclose. And that battle leads to all sorts of inner conflicts and BS that you don’t need. It’s like someone trying to quit eating cupcakes. Don’t follow their example.

Next, the type of people who actually don’t read news because it is ‘information overload’. They are true to their word. They actually don’t read news and shut out friends who talk up current news. The problems from avoiding modern life are many and varied. If you really want this, go build a cabin in the woods. There is nothing wrong with living off the land. But of course, they try to live in the world but not in the world. Again, hopelessly going back and forth in an inner struggle.

Of course, they are hopelessly out of date with technology. In an age of information, this has huge implications on their career prospects. And ability to create new things. They are less able to ‘stand on the shoulder of giants” and gain from other thinkers and creators.

But at the same time, I hate seeing people become victims of media control. They will remain nameless but I know a person very well you is literally a zombie once they get home. They are glued to a news channel and make them angry. Every day they have a new reason to hate people. Their blood pressure is through the roof and they drive friends away. And they missed the latest bitcoin rise. lol Why? Their pet news channel said it was a scam.

We need new information. We need new ideas but we also need a way to process those ideas ourselves so we not only understand, incorporate them into our lives but also use them as building blocks to unique synergistic ideas.

My method for inputting the best ideas while avoiding the pitfalls entails a few things (below)

1. Youtube is better than real life. 1.5 speed youtube videos. whether you want to know which hackintosh build is best or if US and China are going to war, YT is the place to study. Up to date. Instantaneous. Speedupable. (simply click on settings in the bottom right corner of a YouTube video on your Mac or PC and choose, speed) Easily changeable so if the guy isn’t as good as you thought, close the window. You can’t change speakers nearly as easy even at a high end (which is what it will be for the type of stuff you want to study to improve yourself) event. Seating, timing of speeches. etc

2. Walk and audiobook. You are the amalgamation of the 5 friends you hang out with. The same goes with input information. Audiobooks offer some of the best bang for your buck. Podcasts are good and can be great but lets face it, the preparation, research and editing that goes into an audiobook increases the quality. It takes one hour to make a one hour podcast but one year or more to make an audiobook. You benefit from this concentration of good, verified information. The one negative is the info is slower and can be out of date.

You beat this by getting the best possible up to date recommendations of books to read from people you trust on this issue. So if a book is blowing your mind and he recommends another book, it’s all good. One book leads to more books. Just take notes on Simplenote.”books to download” Then download before you forget.

3. The people factor. Talk about the ideas your read. Try to explain them to your friends. See their reaction. Learn what you missed. Example of the negotiation and lawyer in Shimoda trip. I never listened to that guy again even though I loved him before. My friend steered me right.

4. Google News: For keeping up to date with changes in your world without being victim of media agenda. AI It learns what you like. As you read more and more good stuff, it serves up more of the same. GN every morning. I read tech, innovation, geopolitics, sports. GN is the best way to get updated without being a victim of mind memes. And don’t diss being up to date. It’s key.

Research has shown that we learn better when blood flows better. So walk while you listen to audiobooks and listen to YouTube videos. For YT, walking on a track or beach with no bicycles, cars and trucks is recommended. For audiobooks, walk wherever you can. You will learn better and incorporate the ideas into your life easier if you feel good. Walking accomplishes that. While you lose weight and get in shape.

Walking while phoning friends for #3 is a great idea. After you digest a fantastic new idea from an audiobook or video, call a friend. Explain, discuss and learn all while walking. I often walk 3-4 hours or more in the evenings. I feel great and learn a ton.

Freed from the usual distractions of the house, learning while walking paradoxically increases my focus on the ideas rather than decreasing it. So seeing things pass by, trees, people leads to a meditative state while walking while instant messaging, phone calls, things around the house make it more difficult to focus. In fact, they are almost designed to get your attention. Out in the wild, you can wander anonymously save the rare time you run into someone you know who greets you. Other than that, it smooth sailing and you can walk, focus and learn all while meditating. I know it sounds like a stretch but give it a try.

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