BEWARE! “Large Evil Corporations” (satire)

Big Evil CompanyI’ve got a great idea. Let’s pretend that big companies don’t pay tax: At all. That they (and the rich) live off our taxes.
Let’s instill in kids the idea that big corporations are different from small companies that grew and succeeded. So they can’t draw a connection between things they can do and big things that seem out of reach. So they feel powerless.
Let’s fight the big (domestic) companies! Then let’s raise taxes on them. Let’s make it hard for them to do business. Then let’s not listen to them. The lying barstards.
Let’s pretend that the world is only one country: That companies (and people) don’t have options. And let’s come down like a ton of bricks on companies that use legal means to lower taxes. (like move to Ireland). Let’s make life as hard as we possibly can for successful people and companies.
And while we’re at it, let’s pretend that corporate logos are actually symbols of the devil. Have you ever tried to design a logo without using triangles, circles? I have. Hint: It’s not easy to think of new geometry.
Let’s hurt those near us: self sabotage and then let’s wonder why our son or daughter is having trouble finding a job. If we are employed by one of these companies, let’s consider ourselves a “sell out”. Let’s bad talk the people paying us! yea
Always remember that the degree of evil is closely related to the companies size. So Microsoft was an awesome startup, success story until it grow in revenue to be, for a time, the most evil corp of all. As sales declined due to the rise of Google and Apple, Microsoft slowly became a decent place and Bill Gates not so bad after all. Same with GM. Top of the list until they almost went bankrupt. Then there were the heartland of America etc.
Is this making sense? So the evilness must vary over time. Google was a big success and awesome place but as they have succeeded, they inevitably became the devil himself and evil incarnate.
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