How to reach Chinese real estate buyers for free..or almost free: Inside the ground breaking Zillow E-house Partnership


The players: Zillow-

a. The Gorilla of real estate at 70,000,000 million visitors per month

b. Feeding all listings, free and premium IN CHINESE LANGUAGE to

Ehouse China-

a. Chinese powerhouse that has a virtual monopoly on new house sales in China.

b. On the ground sales team second to none.

c. Tight relationship with Chinese developers now going abroad.

d. Former subsidiary company CRIC has the best data in China on users housing preference, d. Publicly listed E-House (China) Holdings Limited (ADR)

e. Smart management Mr. Zhou Xin


a. Chinese Internet giant is the fifth-largest Internet company in the world after Google, Amazon, Ebay and Facebook as of April 2014

b. Tencent invested $180 million in Leju for a 15 percent stake

c. Valued at US$ 150 billion


a. Will display, in Chinese language, all Zillow listings

b. Intuitive design for Chinese users

c. Fastest load time

Verdict: Leju, for now, will likely be the go-to site for Chinese users and therefore the best place to list for agents wanting to reach Chinese. Having free listings is almost too good to be true but if so, it’s a game changer. So many takeaways on this one you have to listen to the presentation.  42 minutes

Watch the video above or listen below to the audio only version. Thanks for your time and look forward to your comments and emails [email protected]


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