Can you sell? Bored with your job? Want to work abroad?


Work abroad

Are you a top realtor? Successful sales professional?  Or young with endless energy and willing to try something new?

I was bored to death in my sales job in California. Looking for opportunities abroad, I never heard about sales abroad. Always about English teaching (boring with no future) engineering and manufacturing (requiring technical education that I didn’t have). What could I do with tons of energy, enthusiasm and experience selling while I was in school?  Sales!  Selling advertising in local expat rags, recruiting students (sales) for expat schools, marketing for bars and restaurants, selling for English schools.

Not a native English speaker?  No problem! Might even be to your advantage

But what if you are a native English speaker with a high level of motivation to succeed?  Israeli citizens network effectively in the overseas Israeli community.  French succeed very well working only with French companies abroad. Swedish even do well.  Germans working in sales in Shanghai are untouchable. They make friends, sell, get invited to all the good events at the embassy. Make real money and set themselves up to have their own companies.  Japanese too. Don’t be afraid if you aren’t a native English speaker. It might even be an advantage!  I see it as one. It forces you to get a job that gets you out of your comfort zone. To think differently.  I always challenged myself and refused to do the easy work and like they say, “the road less travelled made all the difference”.

Selling abroad gives you experience selling goods and services and mixing with people you’d only dream of back home.  The expat community overseas is tight. It’s relatively easy to meet company presidents, top level management of multinationals, government officials, ambassadors and, yes, even rock stars.  I’ve met them all and too many to list. Selling abroad might not be as easy to get started as teaching English but the rewards are also much greater.  And it’s much easier to relocate back home when your adventure comes to an end (if it ever does! lol)  My journey has been going on since 1987 and shows no sign of stopping. Comment below or email me if you have specific questions regarding your particular skills and where they would be most valuable. Happy to help.


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