The Genius of Kate Bush


I first encountered Kate’s art on MTV in 1985 in the song Running Up That Hill. It took my breath away. The lyrics, the pageantry and deep meaning and her utter lack of concern for what a song should be. She simply didn’t care. She made the music that was in her soul and the music industry just had to live with it. And her soul is pretty weird. Her music sometimes confuses and offends the senses. She shrieks. She moans. She explodes. Kate is what Yoko Ono wishes she was.

The purity of her expression and the red hot heat of her passion for the mundane is unique in the world of art. I am grateful that the world was gifted with at least one true artist: The divine, Kate Bush

If you don’t know her, here are a few of her popular songs. The last of which (Her duet with Peter Gabriel) has been credited with saving many men from suicide: Not least of which is Elton John. Without further ado:

I can’t help falling in love with her every time I hear this song.
This wonderful song and video capture Kate’s relationship with and love for her father. Any man’s heart would be blessed beyond measure to have the opportunity to raise and mentor such a brilliant and loving offspring.
If there ever was a song that shouldn’t have been popular, this is it. It fits none of the narratives that recording studios demand. She is almost snubbing her nose at the rest of humanity which caves and panders to the demands placed upon them. Kate will have none of it. It’s either 100% or she isn’t playing. You take what you get with Kate Bush.
Kate’s emotional purity hits you right in the feels. Peter Gabriel was also perfect for this you are worthwhile/life is worth living personal anthem. But, check your heartstrings, Kate’s voice is why so many on the verge of ending their lives have said, yes. I will live on. How she does it, no one can really say. Maybe it’s her own trueness to herself that gives this song the authority to tell a man who has lost all hope to give it one more try. Maybe it’s her voice. Very difficult to put your finger on where the power comes from but it is palpable in this unadorned masterpiece.


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