A couple months ago, I made a video that you might have seen. I had a friend hold the camera and I free formed the story that I had in my mind. I made many verbal mistakes and gaffes in that original flawed vid. And I uploaded it to YouTube to see what response my friends would have.

Me in Lower Manhattan Last Summer
Me in Lower Manhattan Last Summer

To my surprise, my Youtube video was picked up by a journalist from the UK. The only reason he saw it was that he happened to have an import export business to Thailand and likes to keep up on local happenings here. And, best of all, he was sympathetic to the project.

I was warned several times by friends not to do a telephone interview as my words could easily be twisted to for clicks and views: Especially with a topic as controversial as this. However, I threw caution to the wind and agreed to a phone interview as that’s what was offered. Beggars can’t be choosers.

My phone rang while I was eating dinner. I excused myself and went to a vacant lot next door, away from traffic noise, to talk. The call was long and I explained the project and my motivations to the best of my ability.  We hung up and, at that point, I didn’t expect much. Or to be clearer, I had no way of knowing what to expect. At the time, I barely know what a “newswire” was.

Prove or disprove 911 conspiracies once and for all
Prove or disprove 911 conspiracies once and for all

Well I can tell you that a newswire is a great place to get published as other news sources look for worthy stories there. And, sure enough, this was quickly picked up by the Mirror.co.uk. I’m eternally grateful for that first story because that ignited a firestorm that drove this story to the stratosphere. The Sun, The Independent, Alex Jones, Veterans Today, The Lip TV, Howard Stern, Russian News, several Chinese news sources, French news, German news, Irish news, the BBC, Sky News and too many others to count. There are new stories every few minutes at this point. And many are riddled with factual errors. But these are growing pains and we will overcome. At the moment, my inbox is packed full 5 pages deep of requests for interviews, engineers wanting to support, and donors. I seem to have hit a vein of emotion.

To be clear, I’m not a conspiracy theorist. But aspects of the disaster are certainly tantalising enough to want to see it recreated. Most supporters of 911 REDUX are normal people with a bit of doubt about some aspect of the events of September 11th. On a scale of 1-10 with ten being tin foil hat, they are a two or 3. The doubt or wonder how this or that was possible. I’m not going to get into specifics here and will let them voice their own reasons for supporting this project. Of course, we also have supporters who believe various conspiracies. Even though I’m not one of them, they are sympathetic because I’m willing to take the reins and lead this project. Many many people quietly want to know more. If only to put doubts to rest.

Let’s get this straight. 3,000 innocent people lost their lives on September 11th. And it was a seminal event in many of our lives. I have no desire to recreate the pain felt by victims. In fact, I do not like news channels endlessly publishing my face alongside pictures of the planes entering the World Trade Center. I’d like to recreate the physics of that day but not the emotional loss that I know I felt.

After the Sept 11 attacks, I was so affected that I almost closed my company in Tokyo and enlisted. My father talked me out of it as I had an office to run. However, I flew over to see the wreckage about a week after the event and spent every day of that trip walking down from 53rd street to the WTC site. As it was still smouldering at the time, I doubt I’ll ever forget the smell of those fires.

The next year was one of depression for me. The only dark year of my life. As I could make my own schedule, I spent almost all my time reading news: both official and unofficial. I wanted to understand every aspect of the tragedy. I read mainstream news about the history, the details, the individuals involved. I also voraciously read arabic news as, at the time, there was a novel software called Babel Fish which would translate news easily and quickly. This allowed me to read news from Russia, the Middle East and everywhere else. Now it’s old news but back then it was shocking. And I ate it up.

I read like a maniac and since that time, I have talked to friends abroad about their experience of 9/11. As I speak Mandarin Chinese and Japanese I was able to get new viewpoints. Over the years, I’ve been shocked to hear of the amount and depth of emotion behind those who doubt some aspects of 9/11. Remember the sliding scale of 1-10. Yea, we aren’t talking about whackos here. Just normal educated people who wonder. It came to a head when I was in New York last summer and I went to the Freedom Tower with a friend from Germany. When we arrived, I was enamoured with the tower and itching to get up to the top. However, I was shocked to hear my friend says, “it’s all BS, Paul. It was the…” and he gave his theory on the causes.

My first reaction was to want to make him stop talking. We were at what I considered a very sacred spot and he was spouting conspiracy theories! Loudly. To be honest, I was a bit worried for our safety. But since then, I’ve realised that many doubt. And some don’t believe much of the official story.  This is when I started to feel comfortable enough to voice the things that I had questions about. “How could jet fuel melt steel?” and  “Why did the buildings fall with such precision straight down?” I know that demolition of structures is a science and a risky one at that. And the goal is to achieve what the Towers all did on that day. And WTC 7.

I’ve always been a fan of testing. Especially in situations where the event is very rare, complex and difficult to grasp. In fact, I was a big fan of Mythbusters. I wish they would have done this test. However, they will not. Governments will not. Corporations have no motivation to do so so I will do it. If this strikes a cord with you, please join our campaign while we try to get a glimpse into the what happens when an extreme event like this occurs. If done correctly, it will either put doubts to rest for good or open Pandora’s Box.

Our ability to recreate this depends on you. Your expertise, your donations and your support on social media. I am screening aeronautical, structural and civil engineers now to find a team of non biased top level professionals who can help plan this event.

We are a crowdfunded project so we need your donations. However, crowdfunding sites and banks won’t assist with this project so we can only accept donations via BitCoin.

BitCoin donations can be sent to the following bitcoin address: 1A7jmFDommTPchRvNgt3UacPSG8diwrs3q

or alternatively, scan our bitcoin QR code:

Our bitcoin address. Donate here
Our bitcoin address. Donate here
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